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          • 長沙市力波化工有限公司

          • 長沙市力波化工有限公司


            ABOUT US

            Changsha Libo Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Xiangjiang River, Liuyang River, and the ancient city of Changsha, which has nurtured countless great people. It is a large-scale import and export chemical enterprise with investment and development as its main business. The company is the product of the British Hemings Deqian Chemical Company, the general agent of Beijing Oriental Asia Keli Company. Solvent-based, powder coating raw materials, Taiwan Deqian hydroxy acrylic resin, polyurethane curing agent, photo-curing oligomer, rheological additive, leveling agent, anti-scratch agent, defoamer, hammering agent, adhesion promoter , curing accelerator, antistatic agent, yellowing resistance, wax powder, matting powder, aluminum paste, dyes, etc.

            ——Market-oriented, technology-based management, efficiency——


            COMPANY NEWS